2D bitmap graphics library with emphasis on speed and correctness
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widgets Directory Reference


 Application events.
 Application info, license, authors, etc.
 Application layout.
 Implements dialog windows.
 Standard file open and file save dialogs.
 A text input dialog.
 A message dialogs.
 A cache for a directory content.
 A widget implementation base.
 A button widget.
 A checkbox widget.
 A bollean widget class.
 A choice class for widgets.
 An integer class for widgets.
 Functions to disable and enable widgets.
 Widget event handling.
 A frame widget.
 An XY graph.
 A grid to position widgets.
 A horizontal and vertical box widget.
 A JSON parser for widget layout.
 Default keybindings.
 A label widget.
 A text log widget.
 A text markup widget.
 Widget internals.
 An overlay widget.
 A progress bar widget.
 A pixmap widget.
 Add file descriptors to the widget main loop.
 A radio button widget.
 Widget rendering.
 A widget size units.
 A slider widget.
 A spinbutton widget.
 A slider widget.
 A stock image widget.
 A table widget.
 A tabs widget.
 A text attrbutes.
 A textbox widget.
 Inserts timer into a main loop.
 Common widget types.
 Widget by unique id lookup.
 Colors and color scheme.
 Runs a task in the context of the app main loop.