2D bitmap graphics library with emphasis on speed and correctness
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utils Directory Reference


 Utility functions for application config files.
 AVL tree implementation.
 A bounding box implementation.
 Simple block allocator.
 Circular buffer indexing and iterators.
 A min/max heap implementation.
 Simple hash table implementation.
 Includes all JSON headers.
 Common JSON reader/writer definitions.
 A JSON parser.
 C structure to JSON serializer and deserializer.
 A JSON writer.
 A linked list implementation.
 A simple text markup format.
 Utils for markup parsers.
 Justifies markup into lines.
 A markup parsers.
 Two dimensional vector.
 Utility functions for building paths.
 A simple epoll wrapper.
 Seek contants and transformations.
 Timers and timer queue implementation.
 An unicode trie.
 Common header for types.
 Utility functions for building paths.
 Unicode helper macros and functions.
 An iterator for an UTF-8 string.
 Includes all util headers.
 Vector a growable array.
 A dynamic C strings.