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gp_blur.h File Reference

Gaussian blur. More...

#include <filters/gp_filter.h>

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int gp_filter_gaussian_blur_ex (const gp_pixmap *src, gp_coord x_src, gp_coord y_src, gp_size w_src, gp_size h_src, gp_pixmap *dst, gp_coord x_dst, gp_coord y_dst, float x_sigma, float y_sigma, gp_progress_cb *callback)

Detailed Description

Gaussian blur.

Gaussian Blur

Original Image [2, 2] [0, 4] [4, 0] [4, 4] [10, 10]

Definition in file gp_blur.h.

Function Documentation

◆ gp_filter_gaussian_blur_ex()

int gp_filter_gaussian_blur_ex ( const gp_pixmap src,
gp_coord  x_src,
gp_coord  y_src,
gp_size  w_src,
gp_size  h_src,
gp_pixmap dst,
gp_coord  x_dst,
gp_coord  y_dst,
float  x_sigma,
float  y_sigma,
gp_progress_cb callback 

Gaussian blur implemented using linear separable convolution.

The x_sigma defines the blur size in horizontal direction and y_sigma defines blur on vertical direction.