2D bitmap graphics library with emphasis on speed and correctness
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core Directory Reference


 Inline functions for swapping bits inside of the byte.
 Pixmap blits.
 A byte order (endians) defintions.
 Fast value clamping.
 Common macros.
 A compiler dependent macros.
 Macros and functions for conversions between pixel types.
 A pixel value conversions.
 Fast value scaling macros.
 Includes all core headers.
 A debug message layer.
 Fills a pixmap.
 Gamma corrections.
 Gamma and sRGB corrections.
 Generated macros and function to access pixels.
 Pixel manipulations.
 Helper macros to get and set bits given offset and length.
 A pixel defintions generated from gen/include/
 A pixel description.
 Pixel type aliases.
 A pixel channel manipulations generated from gen/include/
 Defines how are pixels packed in a buffer.
 A pixel buffer.
 A progress callback.
 Temporary block allocator implementation.
 Coordinate transformations for gp_pixmap swap flags.
 A common types.
 Library version.
 Optimized functions to write a row of pixels.