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GFXprim is Open-source modular 2D bitmap graphics library with emphasis on speed and correctness.

The goal of the library is to provide simple but powerful API for applications that needs to work with bitmap graphics. The library itself started as a simple replacement for SDL_gfx which was unusable at the time and soon it outgrew the initial purpose and became main topic of the development.

GFXprim is not tied to a specific graphic system (such as X11) but on the other hand provides means to interact with them.

GFXprim can load and save images in variety of formats, operate on the data on a pixel level, run image filters, render basic shapes or text, open and manage X11 windows, draw on Linux framebuffer and more.

GFXprim also comes with Python bindings.

There are a few example applications included, the most advanced is a spiv image viewer which is already a full featured application.

See the about page for more detailed information.


The code is licensed under LGPL 2.1 or (at your opinion) any later.


Report bugs on the GFXprim mailing list. Eventually you can use GitHub issue tracker.


The GFXprim 1.0.0-rc1 has been released!

See what is new.

Download the 1.0.0-rc1 tarball (without docs).

Get rpm packages (for RedHat and SUSE) from buildservice.

Or download prebuild Debian amd64 Wheezy packages.

The GFXprim 1.0.0-rc0 has been released!

Download 1.0.0-rc0 tarball (without docs).

Or get the code from directly from github.


We do have a mailing list and although there is not much of discussion now, we are there and listening.