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Library Core

Library core contains all basic data structures and functions that forms the glue which holds the GFXprim libraries together.

The most important data structure is a Context which describes in-memory pixmap which is used extensively in all parts of the library.

Core also contains generated code for basic pixel manipulations such as GetPixel and PutPixel as well as Blits implementation.

Library Core is a place to implement common functinonality that is used from the rest of the GFXprim modules, for example the Debug layer or Progress callback.

Table 1. Main Core library parts


Describes in-memory pixmap

Basic types

Types for size, lenght, pixel and color

Pixel types

Pixel types handling and interface

GetPixel and PutPixel

Macros and functions to get and put pixels


Blits (copies) a rectangular area from one context to another as well as simple pixel format conversions

Progress Callback

Progress callback passed to all filters and loaders

Debug layer

Library debug layer

Common macros

Common macros and semi-internal interface

Environment variables

Environment variables