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Progress Callback

The gp_progress_cb is a structure that stores user-defined callback function and user-defined pointer and percentage.

It is passed as last parameter to functions that would take some time to complete and adds capability to track the operation progress as well as to abort the operation.

Currently it’s used in filters and loaders.

typdedef struct gp_progress_cb {
        float percentage;
        int (*callback)(struct gp_progress_cb *self);
        void *priv;
} gp_progress_cb;

The callback pointer is a pointer to user defined callback function.

The priv pointer can be used to pass a pointer to the callback function and can accessed inside of the callback by defererencin the self argument.

The percentage field is updated by the function the callback was passed to and is increased monotonically till it reaches 100.

If non-NULL progress callback structure is passed to a function, it’s called periodically and the percentage field is updated.

The return value from callback could abort the execution. If a non-zero value is returned operation is aborted, all memory freed etc., in case of pixmap loaders errno is set to ECANCELED and in case of pixmap savers the newly created file is removed too.

The callback, if supported, is the last parameter of a function.

Tip For example usage see progress callback example.