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News for 1.0.0-rc1

General changes

  • 333 patches since 1.0.0-rc0

  • Plenty of bugfixes

  • New pages and nearly finished documentation

  • More automatic testcases

  • Initial debian packaging (thanks to Petr Baudis)


  • Added support for CMYK and 16 bit Grayscale bitmaps


  • LineConvert was written for automatic conversions of pixel types with exactly same channels but different organization (such as between RGB888, BGR888 and xRGB888).

  • BMP loader gained support for less common formats such as RGB555, RLE8

  • PNM loaders were rewritten from scratch

  • PNG loader gained support for 16 bit Grayscale

New loaders

  • TIFF loader and saver

  • JPEG 2000 loader

  • CBZ loader (more general ZIP container)


  • Most of the filters are now templatized and build for all configured pixel types.

  • Point filters were reimplemented to be simpler, more generic and faster.


  • Backends now support timers

  • X11 and SDL video backends are now thread safe and deadlock free (hopefully)

  • Linux framebuffer backend was improved

  • Basic AALib backend was written (which is not much usefull but it brings warm memories).

Python bindings

  • Python bindings were updated and polished

  • Python arrays are converted to C arrays before passing to filters (for example when passed as a convolution kernel)

  • All functions with callback parameter can now pass python function as a callback

  • Documentation and examples were greatly improved


The image viewer build on the top of the library has became full featured application. The user interface is still a bit clunky (you can help to make it better too) but apart from that it’s fast and stable now.

Among other things following was added:

  • feh like actions

  • a man page

  • different zoom and window modes

  • configuration file