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Tbox widget

Tbox is a single line text edit widget.

A tbox widget

Tbox widget

Tbox attributes can be accessed as widget->tbox.

Tbox widget constructor
gp_widget *gp_widget_tbox_new(const char *text, gp_widget_tattr tattr,
                              unsigned int len, unsigned int max_len,
                              const char *filter, int flags,
                              int (*on_event)(gp_widget_event *),
                              void *priv);

The text is the initial textbox text, could be NULL if textbox starts empty.

The tattr is text attribute.

The textbox width is computed so that it can hold len average font characters. Len could be set to zero if non-NULL text is passed, then len is computed from the text length.

The max_len can be used to limit maximal number of characters that can be input to the textbox.

The filter can be used to limit which characters can be entered into the textbox, there are also pre-defined filters such as GP_TBOX_FILTER_HEX that limits the characters only to numbers and characters from a to f. If filter is passed the widget width is computed so that it can fit len characters from the filter set.

The on_event and priv are explained in the widgets event.

The flags could be currently used to hide the textbox text with GP_WIDGET_TBOX_HIDDEN flag.

Text tbox functions
 * Returns textbox text.
const char *gp_widget_tbox_text(gp_widget *self);

 * Retruns non-zero if textbox is empty.
int gp_widget_tbox_is_empty(gp_widget *self);

 * Sets tbox text with a printf()-like syntax.
int gp_widget_tbox_printf(gp_widget *self, const char *fmt, ...)
                          __attribute__((format (printf, 2, 3)));

 * Sets tbox text to an empty string.
void gp_widget_tbox_clear(gp_widget *self);

 * Insert text at offset relative to whence.
void gp_widget_tbox_ins(gp_widget *self, ssize_t off,
                        enum gp_seek_whence whence, const char *str);

 * Deletes text at offset relative to whence.
void gp_widget_tbox_del(gp_widget *self, ssize_t off,
                        enum gp_seek_whence whence, size_t len);
Cursor tbox functions
size_t gp_widget_tbox_cursor_get(gp_widget *self);

void gp_widget_tbox_cursor_set(gp_widget *self, ssize_t off,
                               enum gp_seek_whence whence);
Table 1. Tbox JSON attributes
Attribute Type Default Description




Initial textbox text.




Hides the text, e.g. password.



Number of characters the texbox should fit.



Maximal number of characters.




Text attribute.

Table 2. Tbox widget events
Widget event value Description


Emitted on pressing enter.


Emitted before text is modified.


Emitted after text is modified.

In the case of the GP_WIDGET_TBOX_FILTER non-zero output from the event handler will filter out the change, e.g. a character will will not be appended.