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App info

Application info is a structure, that if defined, stores an application information such as name, licence, description, version and a list of authors.

The application info is shown as an dialog when Ctrl+i is pressed and printed into the stdout when application is passed -i on the command line.

Important The app info structure has to be populated in order to have the application name in the window tittle.


App info example
gp_app_info app_info = {
        .name = "Foo",
        .desc = "Simple Foo application"
        .version = "1.0",
        .license = "GPL-2.0-or-later",
        .url = "http://foo.url",
        .authors = (gp_app_info_author []) {
                {.name = "Jonh Hacker", .email = "jonh.hacker@foo.url", .years = "2023"},
Important The structure has to be called app_info so that the linker links it correctly.
App info dialog

App info