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Render context

Render context is a structure that holds colors, sizes, and fonts that are used for widget rendering.

Render context
struct gp_widget_render_ctx {

        /* colors */
        gp_pixel text_color;
        gp_pixel bg_color;
        gp_pixel fg_color;
        gp_pixel fg2_color;
        gp_pixel sel_color;
        gp_pixel alert_color;
        gp_pixel accept_color;

        /* fonts */
        gp_text_style *font;
        gp_text_style *font_bold;

        gp_text_style *font_big;
        gp_text_style *font_big_bold;

        gp_text_style *font_mono;

        /* pixel type used for drawing */
        gp_pixel_type pixel_type;

        /* padding between widgets */
        unsigned int padd;

        /* maximal delay between two clicks for a double click */
        int dclick_ms;

const gp_widget_render_ctx *gp_widgets_render_ctx(void);

Sometimes pointer to this structure is needed in the appliaction code, for instance in the pixmap widget in order to allocate right backing pixmap or to get right background color.